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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are answers for a range of questions we receive
  • We can accommodate 6 people during daytime and 4 during the night.

  • Yes, if they are able to be calm during the time of the session. Do please contact us before you book so we can make sure the other people in the room don’t have allergies or fears.

  • Yes, children of all ages are welcome. Children up to and included 12 years old get a discount of 50%. Please contact us if you have small childrenand we’ll try to book a private session for your family.

  • As soon as you’ve made your online reservation you should select your payment method: choose “Mollie” to see all online payment optionsor confirm "pay later" if you wish to pay on site right before your session (we accept cash and cards).

  • Prepare for your session: put on comfortable clothing and drink plenty of water (we have a toilet which you can use during the session). Make sure to put your phone on airplane or silent mode.


    During the session you can simply relax and sleep or meditate. It is helpful to set a positive intention for what you want to get out of your session. We ask you to be silent during the session and refrain from eating. Drinking is allowed. We have eyemasks, ear plugs, blankets and water available in the room.


    After your session it is highly recommended to take a detox bath (or foot bath) at home (30 mins). Your detox mix is included everytime you come for a session. Also keep drinking plenty of water to flush out toxins.

  • Yes, we are accessible for normal size wheelchairs. Our bathroom is also large enough to enter with a wheelchair, however we don’t have any handrails.

  • You can park at The Vitality Bay property. We have 2 parking spots alongside the driveway and then 8 more behind the building.

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