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Transformative Wellness Experiences

The Energy Enhancement System™ impacts lives globally, transcending borders from NYC to Southeast Asia and Europe. Diverse individuals share transformative tales, echoing the universal quest for vitality and balance. Overflowing inboxes at Unifyd Healing Network are filled with stories of healing, renewed energy, and emotional freedom—a testament to the boundless potential of holistic well-being.


The EESystem Technology is not meant for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease. There are no guarantees, either expressed or implied, regarding the efficacy of the Technology. Results may vary between individuals. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Medical advice must be obtained from a qualified health care practitioner. The EESystem Technology does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and advice expressed by the EESystem Technology are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service.

Your Path to Vibrant Living.

Start your path to a healthier and vibrant lifestyle today at The Vitality Bay.

EESystem Experiences on General Health

Rina, Belgium

Fractured Ankle

Claudia, USA

I have been experiencing Phantosmia (a phantom smell that doesn't exist and can't be identified) since I had C***d in 2021. I had this 24/7-it never went away or dissipated. It lasted 2 years. It was a constant distraction in my life. I am happy to report that after my 54th hour in the system, it has gone completely away and hasn't returned. I have also worked at the Chelmsford location for 5 months.


Robyn Middleton, New Zealand

Johanna was the perfect host, both Bruce and I went for an overnight stay. We both slept very well, Bruce had very vivid dreams. Very relaxed and energized after. We noticed our skin was very soft and still is. We would recommend the EE System for everyone, it is the future of healing no matter what the ailment and for overall good health. we will be going back for sure.

Overall Wellness

EESystem Experiences on Inflammation

Julia, Netherlands

Acute Leukemia

Tessy Dorantes, USA

I feel amazing-so energized! I've had foot pain from inflamed tendon for 2 years with no help from conventional doctors. I spent 1 hour in the Scalar room for the 1st time ever- massaging my foot and I could just feel the tendon release. No more limping and minimal discomfort. I plan to return for another session as I'm confident I will be back to 100% soon.

Tendon Disease

Candi Andrews, USA

I am post DCIS breast cancer surgery, the large, hard tissue area surrounding the incision began to decrease with each session and inflammation was breaking apart. It has reduced from the size of a bar of soap to about a quarter size now! My chronic sinus congestion and allergy cough I had for 2 months went away. I have an extreme increase in energy levels and I feel recharged when I leave!

Breast Cancer

EESystem Experiences on Stress & Emotions

Barbara B.

I had fears, anxieties and PTSD as a passenger and when I drove a car after an accident I was in. I had tried to deal with this through educating myself on how to cope, but this did not work. I was introduced to the EESystem from a friend and decided to try it. My sleep has improved greatly, and my nervous system has calmed down. The feeling at Vass Wellness is safe and relaxing and the staff is great!


Sanyu Coles, USA

I always love receiving a healing session with the Energy Enhancement System. It is beautiful, peaceful, relaxing - I can feel the tension release from my body and all my problems seem to melt away. It is a true blessing. I highly encourage all to experience this lovely healing session and give yourself this glorious gift. We all deserve it!


Debra Marvin, USA

My main reason for visiting is to help with grief after my son died 11/11/22. I’m using the system in conjunction with seeing practitioners for anxiety and stomach distress as well. I have found the EE System to be very calming, yet energizing. I like the morning sessions to start my day. Overall very glad to have found this modality.


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